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Ransomware Outbreak Recovery

Industry: Chemical Manufacturing

Number of Sites: >3 Sites

Number of Hosts: >1,200 Hosts across Malaysia


Ransomware Outbreak across Server Farms,

halted entire company’s operation & production facilities


An middle level executive has been phished to provide email credentials; Hackers have used the email to spam malicious executables across, causing Ransomware outbreak in all levels.


F-Secure Business Suite Premium with Rapid Detection & Response


Immediate assistance on isolating infected hosts

Restore all infected servers to unencrypted state using current backups

Deployed F-Secure Client Security Premium for Scanning & Quarantine all hidden ransomware on all servers & hosts

Cross Continental Security

Industry: Financial Institute

Number of Sites: >5 Sites (US & Malaysia)

Number of Hosts: >1,000 Hosts


Customer is having difficulty managing the cloud security since they have many workload in AWS cloud connecting to multiple sites across the globe


Multiple hacking activities were detected when having multiple VM in AWS without proper security protection


Palo Alto PA-850 with AWS Prisma and Cortex XDR


Embark on Palo Alto NGFW for secure VPN to AWS with multiple endpoints scattered across few continents.  Ensure multi level security protection against hacker with Prisma Access and Cortex Detection and Response.

unPhished Email Network

Industry: Conglomerate

Number of Sites: >10 Sites

Number of Hosts: >1,000 Emails


Client was facing an increasing amount of phishing email bypassing all email filtering & firewall settings, reaching to users and caused credentials leakage.


Sudden increase of targeted spam & phishing emails bypassed O365 Filtering to executives and middle level managers, causing a big amount of financial loss to external parties.


proofpoint Email Security Gateway with URL Defense


Deployed proofpoint Email Security Gateway to filter out all incoming spam & phishing emails.

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