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Worry Free

End-to End Cyber Security

Complete Cyber Security Solutions

In Datasafe, our solutions cover every aspect in Network Infrastructure to Network Monitoring and Advanced Threat Prevention Initiatives. All solution we engaged on are market leaders in their relative field and by so, we can provide you with the best available tools in the market to maximize your IT Return on Investment. 

Data Cloud

Cloud Native

Future-proof Cloud-based infrastructure & advanced protection tailor-made for you and your organization 

Explore our Cloud Native Approaches

network infra malaysia

Rethink Network. Revive Infrastructure

Powering up your essential infrastructure & networks with most updated devices to meet your future growth. With us, you can do more.

Explore our Network & Infrastructure Solutions

cyber security malaysia

Uncompromised Workplace Security

Relieve your IT team from repetitive & unproductive

firefighting against intrusive malwares, attacks on outdated policy & software with our real-time security solutions.

Explore our Security Solutions

email filtering malaysia

Email Unspammed

Create an effective gate against unwanted guests & undesirable senders with our global leading email filtering algorithms

Restore your email inboxes to quiet and real business only 

Explore our Email Solutions

soc malaysia

A Step Ahead, Unforgotten Track

Examine the unusual, Uncover the hidden with our Real-time Prevention against Advanced & Coordinated Attacks.

Nowhere to hide.

Explore our Vulnerability Management & SOC Solutions

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