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We are committed to serve global standard cyber security without any compromise

At Datasafe, we offer you the global standard cyber security services so your organization can defend against zero-day threat internally or externally

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All with our automated integrated solutions

Rethink Network. Revive Infrastructure

Powering up your essential infrastructure & networks with most updated devices to meet your future growth. With us, you can do more.

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Uncompromised Workplace Security

Relieve your IT team from repetitive & unproductive

firefighting against intrusive malwares, attacks on outdated policy & software with our real-time security solutions.

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Email Unspammed

Create an effective gate against unwanted guests & undesirable senders with our global leading email filtering algorithms

Restore your email inboxes to quiet and real business only 

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A Step Ahead, Unforgotten Track

Examine the unusual, Uncover the hidden with our Real-time Prevention against Advanced & Coordinated Attacks.

Nowhere to hide.

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Case Study

Malaysia Leading Chemical Manufacturing Company

How we assisted to a Ransomware-infected Network and restore productivity to the operations

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Compliance & Standards

Understanding the NIST Framework and how you can ensure your organization has the best practices of Security Controls & Systems

NIST Framework is expected to be implemented by 80% of the global organization by the next 5 years as a Cyber Security Standard & Guideline.

Is your organization made ready to implement it?

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Importance of European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and how you can protect user's data from malicious hackers

In this age of connectivity, user data has increasingly being breached & exploited by fraud & crimes. GDPR serves as a regulation to organization to ensure the security of user data kept by organization with hefty penalty on it.

Is you organization protect them securely?

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Understanding PCI-DSS Requirements and how you can prevent hackers from exploiting the weak spot of your every transaction

Card Payment is one of the main way of we do payments and black-hats have been trying to exploit the system over the years by using various vulnerabilities present in the system.

Is your organization aware of the exploits?

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Achieving the gold ISO Standards and how you can fulfill the conditions

Information Security Management has been highlighted as the one of sector to be prioritized especially on the standard procedure, risk assessment & systemized protocol to reduce the impact of cyber security breaches & limit the damages that could have been inflicted without a strong governance & policy implementation.

Is you organization correctly planned your network?

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